Call for Contests

We invite proposals for organizers of the PAKDD 2016 Data Mining Contest. The Data Mining Contest is an integral part of the conference and provides an opportunity for teams of scientists and domain experts to compete in order to develop data mining techniques for real-world applications.

Proposals should contain the following information:

  • Contest title and abstract.
  • General description of the problem.
  • Description of the dataset to be used.
  • Description of the specific competition tasks.
  • Evaluation metrics or tool to be used for evaluation.
  • Plans for contest web site (e.g.,,, other).
  • Prize structure.
  • Contact information for the organizer(s).
  • Short biography of organizer(s).
  • Description of compensation (if any) that could be awarded to winners (organizers are encouraged to solicit awards and prizes from sponsoring entities).

General Guidelines:

  • The dataset must be interesting, available, and large.
  • The task(s) must be interesting and accessible to practitioners without domain knowledge.
  • The evaluation measures must be well-defined.
  • The contest timeline must adhere to the dates below.
  • All submissions should sent by e-mail to

Important Dates

Deadline for submitting proposals for contests: October 10, 2015
Notification of proposal acceptance: October 20, 2015
Contest begins: November 25, 2015
Contest ends: February 15, 2016
Reports from selected teams: February 25, 2016