“Sarcasm detection on Reddit comments”

Welcome to PAKDD 2016 contest competition. This year we would like to challenge participants with a task of designing an effective algorithm for sarcasm detection in the domain of opinion mining.

Link to the contest:

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Contest Results

The contest attracted 14 teams from which 9 participated actively by submitting their solutions. A total number of submissions was 104. All the active teams also submitted a brief report describing their approach. The final contest scoreboard is given below.


Rank Team Name FScore
1 Team NCCUDMA Lab 0.3333333333
2 Pawel Sienkowski 0.2068965517
3 Anuj Sharma 0.1538461538
4 Team MPVN 0.1379310345
5 Team VLNK 0.09448818898
6 Valeria Kibitova 0.09338521401
7 Team MVVN 0.09195402299
8 Team MOLA 0.08695652174
9 Team FASTNU 0.07142857143


Thank you to all those who made submissions to the task and a big congratulations to the winning teams.